BULK UP- Every woman's FEAR

I am constantly hearing women say that they don't want to lift weights as they fear they will bulk up and look like a man. Let me just tell you this, you won't! Take it from experience. I've tried. Yup, you heard me right.

I have tried to look like a man

Lifted so heavy, no cardio, huge calories, supplements, the works. Do you know what happened? I got leaner, more ripped and felt the best I had ever felt. Do you know why? Lean muscle mass gain, decreased body fat, and proper fuel created a huge affect on my body. It is physiologically impossible for woman to bulk up as we do not have the testosterone to do this. Some may have more than others, but hormonally balanced women do not have a problem with this. 

So lift heavy. It will help with bone density, increased metabolism, increased feelings of wellbeing and overall happiness. Also you will burn a higher amount of calories during the day if you lift more than you do cardio.

You may need to change the way you lift to appeal to your set goals or the way your body is shaped. You may need to do higher reps and higher sets in your "room for improvement" areas and lower reps, lower sets in areas you want to get stronger and leaner.

The main goal is to LIFT. 

Aim for 3-4 days of lifting and 1-3 days of cardio and you should be golden. Better yet, sign up for the Shape System and have everything laid out for you!




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