Getting back on track

Spring time is approaching and then comes the idea of having to peel off the winter layers we hide behind and expose our white pasty bodies to the world. 

Well kids, it's time to get back on track. After a few conversation I have had over the past few weeks with friends, the underlying theme is that people just want to reset. Reset in their nutrition and workouts. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks that I use to get my butt back on track

1. Drink water- drink drink drink. LOTS OF IT! Water not only hydrates you but helps flush your system, revitalize your skin, helps you feel full faster and energizes you.

2. Cut the sugar- you heard me. None. Zip. Nil. Don't do it. Your body yearns for sugar like it's crack, so you have to starve it out. Detox it out. Come clean. You heard me, no sugar.

3. Eat more frequently, in smaller portions- eat 5-6 small meals, protein/carbs/fat in each meal in smaller portion sizes so you are never starved nor stuffed. Limit excessive amounts of carbs in the evening if you really want to 

4. Sweat it out- go workout. I don't care what it is. Yoga, swimming, spin, weights, running. Just go do it. You will feel like a million bucks after.

5. Sleep- make sure you are sleeping. at least 8 hours. Seriously.

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