isn't there a better way?

So why Instructor Training? Why create methods for studios? Why can’t people just get certified and teach a class?


Well, technically they can. I remember being the ripe age of 18 and after taking a 2 day course (yes, two days) I was able to lead a class of 40 women for an hour and I was SCARED out of my mind. Me, standing in front of these woman, teaching them how to work their bodies, barely knowing anatomy, physiology, cueing, engagement, personality, form, technique etc. What if someone has a back injury? What if someone all of a sudden has a heart attack? What if people just stare at me with a blank face? What if what I teach is way too hard and I have to change things on the spot? Dang it, all I've have done is memorize what I am teaching because I don’t have any experience to adapt and change my programming. All of these things ran through my head as I completely failed again after again. It took me years to get better and that frustrated me so much.

Fast forward 10 years later. After getting my degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and moving to several different towns, I began getting frustrated with the fitness industry. I had worked at so many facilities, managing trainers, mentoring instructors, developing classes etc. and had such a high expectation for fitness. I would literally go into a class and pick the instructor apart, grading them on the way they taught, how they corrected, their technique, their engagement, their versatility in programming etc. and then would leave the class, never wanting to go back to that instructor or facility again. I knew there had to be something more. I wanted to CHANGE the way instructors taught. So with all my knowledge, experience, education, personality, drive and passion, I created BBS. 

Nothing excites me more than seeing someone who has a passion for fitness but has NEVER taught a class before, be able to develop, program, choreograph, lead, engage, correct on technique and form, have passion, be versatile and have their own fitness personality, all within a few weeks. I love seeing these instructors have sold out classes and really finding their niche. This excites me and drives me to be not only a better instructor, but a better mentor.

So yes, you can just teach a class by getting a two day certification but I am changing the way the fitness industry works. Boutique studios are now wanting something different, to have world class instruction with the BEST instructors, and that is what I develop, implement and put into action for their business. 

I always ask business owners this question: Who makes up their business? Who or what will get people coming back again and again? Yes, their space could look gorgeous and they could have on point branding, BUT if their MAIN driving force for their business (which is their instructors if you haven't already guessed), for lack of better word, suck, then people will not come back. People will not join their movement, invest in their business, their vision and in the end the business will fail (or as my husband and I call it, shattered dreams). 

I spend up to 55 hours training instructors before they teach their first class. They are prepared, confident and have some much knowledge busting through their seams that they cannot WAIT to get started. I go into depth with them, making sure they are confident enough that when they get up on stage, they can be who they have been preparing to be for weeks.

Don’t you want the same for your space? Are you not seeing the success that you dreamt of when you first started your business?


If that's you, holla at me. Do it, I dare you.

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