Meet Morgan, Founder and Owner of Lifecycle Spin Studio


I got a chance to chat with morgan about life, business, goals and what it takes to be a entreprenuer. This girl is rad. Read on!



B.A. Anthropology (University of Saskatchewan)

1 semester away from finishing up my B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (U of S)


Tell us about yourself.


Meet me Morgan,

I am the founder and owner of Lifecycle Spin Studio. Since I can remember I have always dreamed of owning and operating a business in Saskatoon. For the past eight years I have been a dedicated student at the University of Saskatchewan, studying Anthropology and Environmental Sciences. Before that I worked with my cousin’s at their jewelry store (Silver Street) where I was able to learn from them, develop and manage stores and best of all travel! Growing up a few blocks away from my late local fitness studio made me fall in love with spin at a young age. I could never find a spin class in Saskatoon quite like it so I purchased my own spin bike. Years later I went to Vancouver and received my indoor cycling instructor training and certification. If you know me well, then you know I can usually be found on my spin bike. After experiencing spin studio’s across North America, I wanted to bring an exciting and exhilarating studio to Saskatoon. Nothing can explain the empowerment and balance you feel after leaving a well-done spin class.


Describe a day in the life of Morgan.


A day in the life of Morgan…. First thing Coffee!! Then I focus on finishing important tasks for my business. The afternoon hits and I enjoy taking my two dogs, Bella and Abby to the dog park to let off some steam. My favorite part of the day is when I can go to the gym and let all my frustrations and worries out. Usually accompanied by my best friend, we sneak into the studio, blast music, challenge our workouts and even get a dance class in. Night usually ends up cuddled with the pups on the couch or sitting on my spin bike watching some of my favorite shows including The Bachelor or Kardashians (I am a sucker for reality TV).


What other education or development have you taken to enhance your skills?

I received my indoor cycling certification in Vancouver after my long love affair with spin. My goal was to start doing something that made me happy, and to me that was to be a spin instructor. After coming back to Saskatoon I realized there was no gym offering spin classes that allowed me to be creative or exciting like my training had taught me. That is when lifecycle spin studio was born. The passing of a close friend this past summer made me realize how short life is and don’t waste it on something you don’t enjoy.


Biggest challenge you face as an entrepreneur?

Being and entrepreneur is the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life. I am excited to be my own boss and lead and inspire others, to make a difference in my community and help as many people as possible. As much positivity and hope I have for my new business, there is always a voice in the back of my mind saying HOLY S**T you have a lot of things to do. It is scary to take on this challenge alone, but surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people is the only way it was possible for me.


3 reasons why you love what you do:


  1. I get to bring an exciting new workout to Saskatoon that will thrill and inspire.

  2. To be my own boss.

  3. To feel like I am making a difference in my favorite city, Saskatoon!


What are some challenges you have encountered along the way?

The biggest challenge I have experienced throughout this process is doubters. Since Spin Studios have not hit Saskatoon yet, family and friends were unaware of the different and exhilarating experience I wanted to introduce. Since sharing my vision for Lifecycle, I have received so much support and glad to say I have changed those doubters minds!


Why did you choose BBS?

After speaking with Rebecca for the first time I realized she was the right person to help me and my team become successful. Her knowledge of the industry allows her to create our method development from years of experience. Most importantly, she believes in me and my strong mission for my business, to create a spin studio that Saskatoon has never experienced!


Five-year goals:

  1. Watch Lifecycle grow into the amazing spin studio I know it can be.

  2. Expand lifecycle throughout Saskatchewan.

  3. To have the drive and determination to start another business.

  4. Travel and discover what the world has to offer.


Whats on your playlist?

Levels- Avicci

Sorry- Justin Bieber

Years and Years  - Shine

Do my thang- Miley Cyrus

Express Yourself- Diplo

Kanye- Chainsmokers



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