Here it is!


My passion, my love and my life all in one website. I hope you love it as much as I do and join the BBS Nation with me! People have been asking, commenting, prying and really just wanting to know what was going on and as much as I wanted to spill the beans, I couldn't! This is why! Its here!


There are three components: The Fuel System, The Shape System and The Master Systems.


The Shape System

Going to the gym sucks, especially when you don’t have a clue what to do. How many times have you set a goal, gone to the gym and ended up hopping on the treadmill for a bit, do a couple of crunches and call it a day? ALL THE TIME!

The Shape System was designed for you to get the workout you desire and deserve. It’s like having a personal trainer beside you, without having to pay the cost. I have trained hundreds of individuals and am constantly asked for my workouts. Well here is the chance. Professionally shot workout videos with me doing the workout with you! Watch, learn and do, or better yet, take your phone or ipad to the gym, living room , or track and push yourself like you have never before. Videos will be posted for our BalancedBodyNation members and videos wil be archived so you always have something new, fresh and ccan go back if you liked a certain workout.


The Fuel System

It’s simple. I created a system in which clean, healthy, nutritious fuel can be learnt. I hate when people hire dieticians, nutritionists or go on “fad diets” just to fall back to their regular routines and have to invest again into their “goals”. Its about education and making smart decisions. My program will teach you that so you never have to “restart” and “invest” again. Learn a simple, step by step method on how to fuel your body for your workouts and for life. 


The Master System

Have you ever been to a class and the instructor was horrible and all you could think of is how you could possibly sneak out? Or you end up doing your own thing because the instructor has no idea what they are doing? 

We have all been there. That is the most horrifying position to be in, especially when you pay an arm and a leg, plus your first born for a fitness class. I've been there, multiple time. I have sat there and created lists of everything the instructor has done wrong. From basic physiology, to cueing, to music selection, to motivation, to engagement, the list goes on and on.

That is where I have developed the Master systems. The goals is to get all instructors to be their highest potential!

Within the Master System there are two packages, as well as mentoring and development. The master systems is for the new business about to launch, an experienced business that aren’t seeing success out of their instructors, instructors who just get out of their “certification” and don’t have a clue where to start. Each package specifically designed to see success

Can’t figure out which one is best? Take a look and let me know what you think!

I hope you can see my passion and love for helping others through my words and pictures.




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