choose the simple way.

Dedication and hard work is what it takes to fuel your body the right way. These days we are pulled in every direction when it comes to nutrition and our health. The vision is simple: fuelling our bodies to provide energy and existence to our cells in order to thrive and exceed in every day life. The steps: wholesome, unprocessed foods that provide fuel, energy and strength. You are the only advocate for your health and what you put into your body. Take control and learn to overcome the adversities put in your way.

WHAT IS involved?

You have tried everything. You may even call yourself an expert. You have seen success, but fall back into your patterns and the thing called life and all it brings. The Fuel System will take you back to basics; simple macronutrient consumption, proper hydration, pre/post workout fuel, supplements explanation and easy to use guidelines. It will teach you to fuel your body for those hard training days and every day life. It’s not only about balance, it's about working hard and being consistent. That’s what the Fuel System will teach you.

The fuel system will take you back to basics; simple macronutrient consumption, proper hydration, pre/post workout fuel, supplements explanation and easy to use guidelines

fuel your body the right way. 


lean machine 

Lean Machine is all about the desire and the drive for clean, simple ways to nourish and fuel your body. Cleansing and ridding the body of all constraints that are in the way of feeling fuelled. It will take work; the preparation, the cleanse and the desire need to be embedded into your soul in order to take this on.  Significant differences will be seen and felt in just days. Tested, tried and true, be ready for some extreme results.

The Lean Machine is a program based on portions, macronutrients, pre/post workout nourishment, wise snacking, info on water consumption and supplements, as well as recipe ideas. The program will teach you how to fuel your body, get rid of sugars and processed foods, and create clean meals that will transform the way you see food.

Lean Machine program includes:

  • BBS approved, easy to follow food selection & grocery list
  • "How To" guide on bulk cooking and meal preparation 
  • Pre/Post workout fuel examples
  • Info on supplement intake and water intake
  • Tips and Tricks for success
  • 4 week exact day by day, meal by meal prescription 

$350.00 CAD

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After fully committing to the Lean Machine Plan, I cursed Rebecca as I missed my Wendy’s, my lovely wine and everything bad for you! Doing this plan with my partner really helped us fully stay on track and we managed to strictly follow it. We did add a glad of wine in here and there. With the help and encouragement of Rebecca and her detailed plan, we feel amazing! We only changed what we ate and combined are down 25lbs in 7 weeks. We view this as a life change. My skin feels great, I feel great, my mind isn’t foggy and I have what I can describe as clean energy. This wasn’t the easiest, but then again, when is what is good for you easy?
— Jessica Viel- Hair dresser and L'Oreal Artistic Educator, BBS Fuel System Client


Superior Vitality provides people with the space to be different. We all have preferences, dislikes, allergies and intolerances. Superior Vitality is there to make sure you are getting exactly what you need in order to make a difference in your nutrition. It is a custom program, designed for those with gluten allergy, celiac's disease, dairy allergy and/or vegetarianism. The program is tailored to ensure you are getting exactly what you need out of your nutrition and to teach you how to transform your body one meal at a time.

Superior Vitality program includes:

  • BBS approved, easy to follow food selection & grocery list
  • Bulk cooking and meal preparation plan
  • Pre/Post workout fuel examples
  • Tips and tricks for success
  • Recipes
  • Custom caloric/Macronutrient consumption
  • Custom program to your liking (allergies, intolerances, preferences, etc.)
  • 4 week day by day, meal by meal prescription based on your caloric intake and food customization
  • 2 weekly check in's via email (week 2 and week 4)

$450.00 CAD

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The Fearless Shred is for the hardcore. The person who wants to lean up quickly, efficiently, and is willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice to see the way their body can transform in just weeks. This is a push and is not for everyone. But, if you are willing to take the plunge, you will not be disappointed. The Fearless Shred program involves carb cycling, strategic macronutrient placement, portions, supplements, and custom food pairings. This program is only recommended for someone who is preparing for a photo shoot, vacation, wedding, etc. It is a short term program for quick results.

Fearless Shred program includes:

  • BBS approved food selection & grocery list
  • Pre/Post workout fuel meal prescription
  • Recipes
  • Carb cycling plan with loads and tapers (in conjunction with your workouts)
  • 2 week meal by meal prescription
  • 2 week water consumption plan
  • 2 weekly check in's via email

$400.00 CAD

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*Please note when you purchase a Fuel and Shape system, you are able to use the same email to sign up, but you will require a different password. This is to ensure your Fuel System is specific to you.

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