As instructors and trainers, we want to be the best in our field. It takes years of practice, experience, learning, education, growth, feedback and more. But how does this come to someone who doesn't have these qualifications? We don’t just wake up one day and decide we are going to be the best.  We become the elite by learning from the elite. That’s where the Master System comes in. Learning, mentoring and perfecting from a trainer who has mastered the field. 

With dedication, consistency, mentorship, and practice, Rebecca develops fresh new trainees into master trainers, perfecting and excelling in their field. Imagine, every trainer on your team and in your business providing consistent, on trend, physiologically based instruction that isn’t only motivating, but inspiring and provides your business with strong classes, retention, a following and a vision. Build your business to a higher standard. Invest in your instructors and see the success multiply.

Build your business to a higher standard. Invest in your instructors and see the success multiply.

FOR studio owners

the choice is all yours. 


The Passionate Leader is a system that has been developed for studios and gyms to have successful, developed, consistent and on trend instructors. In a few one-on-one meetings, we will assess the needs of the studio instructors and create strategies within training, coaching, and mentoring to develop the instructors. The training developed will involve the basics of physiology and anatomy, proper posture coaching,  program development, music structure and choice, cueing, class programming, engagement, motivation, class retention, fitness personality and so much more.

This program is for the facility that needs an elevation in their instructors. Where the usual basics are not being met, the Passionate Leader has been developed to teach and mentor the instructors in order to set a higher standard.

  • 2 x 1 hr consults (facetime or in person)
  • 2-3 day training (8-10hrs)
  • Master Class (45-1hr)
  • 10 preprogrammed playlists
  • 1 hour Facetime follow up
  • Option for one-on-one mentoring follow up with instructors

*recommended for opened and running studios

trainer elite

The Trainer Elite is a system in which there is customization of the training program which aligns with the studios standards and values. Along with the Passionate Leader system, it also includes custom verbiage, programming concepts, music selection, coaching and motivational purposes, class retention, fitness personality development and so much more. All of the components within the Trainer Elite  will align with the studio and gym's distinct vision and goals. The Trainer Elite allows space for business ideology and concepts to be enriched in the training of instructors, therefore setting the instructors apart, to a standard of greatness. This will create a consistency within instructors while maintaining a high value placed on the business.

  • 4 x 1 hr consults via facetime
  • Custom manual (25-50 pages- custom to your desired method)
  • 1 Master Class (customized to your training method and manual)
  • 2-4 Instructor Training Weekends (6-8hrs/day, Fri/Sat/Sun)
  • 10 Preprogrammed Playlists
  • 1 weekend follow up (quarterly) to mentor, train and practice with instructors
  • Playlist development and programming

*recommended for new studios

for instructors

Push to the top. 

Master Trainer.png

Playlist Development &  Programming

As instructors, we find it hard to find time in our schedule to program and choose music for our classes. Each playlist takes 2-3 hours to find, download, program, refine and learn. In reality, no one has the time and energy to do this. Keeping playlists fresh, with new music and programming takes work, sometimes more than actually even teaching a class. These playlists have been developed, programmed and designed for an easy use in your class, keeping you on trend with the latest and the greatest.

Choose a package of 2, 5 or 10 playlists that will be shared through dropbox. These will assist you in pushing your classes to a new level.


Mentoring & One on One Development

You want to be the best by filling your classes, inspiring those around you and be at the top of your game 100% of the time. You desire the feedback, the coaching, the help, but you don't know where to get this. Class structure, physiology, technique, cueing, music selection, engagement, branding are just a few things Rebecca covers in a mentoring session. Spend one-on-one time with Rebecca, face-to-face, via Skype/FaceTime, or even by sending in videos of your classes in order to get the mentoring you desire and deserve.

Rebecca offers a one on one mentorship program for individuals who feel like they are stuck in their careers, need a change  and advice on how to take the next step into a new future. Get in touch with her to find out more about the BBS Mentorship Program


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