a step-by-step guide to your ultimate workouts

It takes work. It's not easy. Every minute of every day the choices you make will define you. It’s what you do with those choices that will create the ultimate result. Given the right tools and guidance, are you willing to put in the work to get to your ultimate goal? 

The Shape System is a step-by-step guide to the ultimate workouts. In the gym, studio, on the bike, outside, at home, or on the track; where ever you may be, the Shape System will provide you with challenging and effective workouts to get you to a higher level. Because really, it's not about being mediocre, it's about greatness. It’s not about just working out and looking the part, it's a way of life. It’s the push you need to get that high, that adrenaline. Put in the work and get the results.

Whats Involved?

How many times have you gone to the gym and not known what to do? You walk around, sit on a treadmill, spin on the bike and do a couple of situps and call it a day. Now you don’t have to. Adding the Shape System into your life will provide you with access to professional video workouts with Rebecca herself! It’s as if she is right there with you, training you one-on-one. In the videos, each workout is explained in-depth, from equipment used, to proper posture and alignment, tips, tricks and goals within the workouts. Watch and learn, or even take the workout with you to the gym or studio and get pushed to your highest potential each time.

Join today and create your future.

Every minute of the day the choices you make will define you. It’s what you do with these choices that will create the ultimate result.

find your ideal shape

In the monthly Shape System package, you will have access to a variety of different workouts that you can choose from to suit your needs. Upon purchase, you'll receive an exclusive login to a library full of videos in the below categories. New workout videos will be added every month to ensure you are staying fresh and challenged in your workouts. Each category was designed for an ideal goal in mind; a strong, toned, healthy, fit, in-shape body that can achieve and complete any workout thrown at it. The bonus is that you'll be able to start in any workout category and change whenever your daily desired workout routine and goals change. You choose what you want to do and achieve desired results. 

what does it include?

Full Access to The Shape System Video Workouts 

Video Blogs Regarding Nutrition, Work Out Tips, Motivation and More

Exclusive Recipes and Nutrition Ideas

1 on 1 Training Advice, Email Rebecca at anytime

Become a Part of the BBS Nation and Get Exclusive Offers and Deals From BBS Partners


 $39.99 per month 

(6 month commitment upon sign up, cancel at anytime)

Purchase Shape System

*Please note when you purchase a fuel and shape system, you are able to use the same email to sign up, but you will require a different password. This is to ensure your fuel system is customized to you. 


base trainer

No excuses when it comes to getting a sweat on. At home, with little equipment, and just enough time to get the heart and mind going, the Base Trainer consists of quick workouts, incorporating strength, cardio, yoga and so much more. All it takes is 20-30 minutes to get a kick ass workout in. There is little-to-no equipment necessary to do a Base Trainer workout. Make the time and see the difference. Base Trainer is great for beginners, people who travel, are on the go, and have fast paced lives that want to put in the work without the effort of leaving the house or hotel room, want to work outside or are short on time.

dominant endurance

No matter where you are, Dominant Endurance will help you sweat, burn and blast your body into shape. Incorporating HIIT, rowing, biking, stairs, body weight plyometrics, running, skipping, Dominant Endurance will help refine athletic abilities, shed body fat and get you ready to perform in any aspects of life. The versatility it brings will keep your body second guessing and pushing to the extreme. These workouts are mostly cardiovascular, with hints of body weight training and core work. Dominant Endurance can be done at home, on the track, in the gym or studio.


achieve greatness

Achieve Greatness workouts are quick fat blasting workouts that are short, but deadly. These shreds can be done at any time and are sure to push you to your limits. Challenging cardiovascularly and mentally as well as strengthening, Achieve Greatness workouts will leave you coming back for more. The workouts are not for the faint of heart, but  for those who want to push to the extreme and get maximal results, fast. These shredders will give you maximum results in shorter periods, but be prepared to work hard, sweat heavy and go to your greatness. Workouts vary in length, but can be done between 20-40 minutes. Equipment used varies so workouts are done in the gym, studio or track.



Strength is what sets you apart. To be strong takes courage and takes will. It’s not for everyone. If you want to build, strengthen and define, Strength Reveal will take you beyond your comfort zone and get you the body you have worked so hard to achieve. Strength Reveal workouts are intense 30-45 min sessions of building muscular strength and endurance. Each large muscle group is targeted and pushed to the extreme, to build and shape your body into a lean machine. This will get your heart pumping without having to do endless hours of cardio, and will give you the long, strong physique you have always wanted. These workouts require dumbbells, squat racks, plates, bench, bands and much more. Strength Reveal can be done at home or in the gym or where ever you can set up a space to hit the weights hard.

Purchase Shape System

*Please note when you purchase a fuel and shape system, you are able to use the same email to sign up, but you will require a different password. This is to ensure your fuel system is yours only. 


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