The vision is simple.

Creating a online space where people can get proven, effective, tried and true elite training at their finger tips. Yes, there are so many fitness websites and gurus out there, claiming that their method works, that they will get you fit and skinny within "x" amount of days. That is not what Balanced Body Systems is about. 

It's about a functional, realistic, achievable and consistent lifestyle.

Fitness that caters to your busy life. Because let's face it, we lead crazy lives. You need workouts and nutrition ideas that are at your fingertips. When you're at home, working, on vacation, in the gym. You need workouts that are quick, simple and easy to follow that create change and keep you in shape. Workouts that don't involve a huge time commitment but keep you coming back for more. You need nutrition that doesn't keep you starved and deprived, yet something that fuels your body, keeps you satisfied and balanced. That is what The Shape System and The Fuel System is all about. Tried and true, proven, simple ways to work and nourish your body, without the gimmicks and quick fixes. 

It’s a lifestyle, one where you can be yourself and do your thing, without having to compromise the things you love.

it just makes sense

Take the Fuel System to the grocery store when shopping and take the Shape system to the gym when you are there for a workout and start to see how easy your life gets. You will never wonder what to cook for dinner or what workout to do. It'll be there for you, guiding you every step of the way.


Helping others succeed.

It was always in me to train and help people reach their goals but I never knew it would take me to this point. The slow progression from training, to managing, mentoring and developing all started with a constant repetitive conversation with clients, with them telling me how they would rearrange their schedule around what times I taught or when I had slots available. How they wouldn't go to any other instructors class but mine.

In their eyes, I was the elite of the elite.

Why was my client roster full and classes wait listed when others weren't? What made my classes and training style different from others? How could I teach others to do the same? Everything in my 10 years of teaching and training is what I have developed and learned through education, trial and error, experience and desire for success.

I wanted to see change within the industry, where development and growth in instructors would come through mentorship and guidance, rather than sitting in a class room for a weekend.

Long story short, every job and contract I signed was slowly preparing me to get to this point, of helping businesses develop and succeed by creating, developing their method and training in their business and instructors. I mentor and develop from a broad perspective, starting at the basics of human anatomy and physiology, all the way to law of attraction, personality and retention. I have seen and been involved in it all, big box gyms to small local studios, to working for large corporations and small single trainer gyms looking to expand. Knowing the industry, the goings on, up and coming, what works and what doesn't. Why not share it and be involved in the growth and success of others?

 So, that's what I do.  Develop, implement, mentor,train and grow businesses, instructors and teachers. Do you want in?

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