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Congratulations on taking the first step to achieving the results you've always wanted. Below is your library full of BBS SHAPE SYSTEM workout videos. There are 4 categories within the Shape System:





Each of these workout categories will give you the workout you desire. Each category has a different goal in mind, whether to tighten or tone, build muscle and shed fat, or a full body workout. You will be challenged, stretched and pushed each time you dive in. The Shape System was designed for those who are self motivated, need to be shown what to do, need the work outs laid out, need to build a solid foundation, all while being flexible with where, when, how and with what equipment.


dominant endurance

No matter where you are, Dominant Endurance will help you sweat, burn and blast your body into shape. Incorporating HIIT, rowing, biking, stairs, body weight plyometrics, running, skipping, Dominant Endurance will help refine athletic abilities, shed body fat and get you ready to perform in any aspects of life. The versatility it brings will keep your body second guessing and pushing to the extreme. Theses workouts are mostly cardiovascular, with hints of body weight training and core work. Dominant Endurance can be done at home, on the track, in the gym or studio.

base trainer

No excuses when it comes to getting a sweat on. At home, with little equipment, and just enough time to get the heart and mind going, the Base Trainer consists of quick workouts, incorporating strength, cardio, yoga and so much more. All it takes is 20-30 minutes to get a kick ass workout in. There is little-to-no equipment necessary to get a Base Trainer work out in. Make the time and see the difference. Base Trainer is great for travel, on the go, and fast paced people that want to put in the work without the effort of leaving the house, hotel room, outside or are short on time.

strength reveal

Strength is what sets you apart. To be strong takes courage and takes will. It’s not for everyone. If you want to build, strengthen and define, Strength Reveal will take you beyond your comfort zone and get you the body you have worked so hard to achieve. Strength Reveal workouts are intense 30-45 min sessions of building muscular strength and endurance. Each large muscle group is targeted and pushed to the extreme, to build and shape your body into a lean machine. This will get your heart pumping without having to do endless hours of cardio, and will give you the long, strong physique you have always wanted. These workouts require dumbbells, squat racks, plates, bench, bands and much more. Strength Reveal can be done at home or in the gym or where ever you can set up a space to hit the weights hard.

achieve greatness

Achieve Greatness workouts are quick fat blasting workouts that are short, but deadly. These shreds can be done at any time and are sure to push you to your limits. Challenging cardiovascularly and mentally as well as strengthening, Achieve Greatness workouts will leave you coming back for more. The workouts are not for the faint of heart, they are for those who want to push to the extreme and get maximal results, fast. This will give you max results in shorter periods, but be prepared to work hard, sweat heavy and go to your greatness. Workouts vary in length, but can be done between 20-40 minutes. Equipment used varies so workouts are done in the gym, studio or track.


Weekly recommendations for workouts:


 New to exercise and workout at home

 2-3 workouts of Base Trainer

 1-2 workouts of Dominant Endurance that involves no equipment

Workouts Per Week: 3-5x


Experienced and have equipment/gym membership

Base Trainer 1x per week

Dominant Endurance 1-2x per week

Strength Reveal 1-2x per week

 Achieve Greatness 1-2x per week

Workouts Per Week: 4-6x


Frequent traveller and minimal equipment

Base Trainer 1x per week

Strength Reveal 1-2x per week

Achieve Greatness 2-3x per week

Workouts Per Week: 3-4x  


Quick lean out and have equipment/gym membership

Achieve Greatness 2-3x per week

 Strength Reveal 2-3x per week

Dominant Endurance 2-3x per week

Workouts Per Week: 5-7x 


Looking to strengthen/ lean out and have equipment/gym membership

Strength Reveal 2-3x per week

Dominant Endurance 2-3x per week

Workouts Per Week: 4-6x


Looking for full body strength, cardiovascular training and need versatility

All Trainers 4-5x per week

Workouts Per Week:4-5x


Use these workout videos where ever, whenever and with little or lots of equipment. Our goal for you is to get a kick butt workout, in a short amount of time but with long lasting results. Each week a new video will be posted, so your workouts remain fresh, challenging and exciting. Do not hesitate to ask any questions! That is what Team BBS is here for!

bASE trainer 

towel trouble

burpee variations


plank variations

bosu workout

lower body band workout

warm up

upper body band workout

core killer

full body stretch

dominant endurance

pyramid cardio


rope battle

cardio killer




body weight

100 rep 

medicine ball ab zinger

300 rep

kettlebell smashout

medicine ball tabata


upper body shredder


straight hard shoulder burn

leg shredder

straight dumbbell workout

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